Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Old Route, new eyes - Walking to Turf City and back

Relax. All is not what it seems to be!

Today, on the spur of the moment, I decided to revisit a part of my favorite green corridor. This time, my walk took me to Turf City, located off Bukit Timah Road. The almost round trip took me a cool 2 odd hours. I have always wanted to do this, even though I know the walk down Bukit Timah road to Turf City is not a scenic one. Still, all is not lost. I am always in a hurry while driving along this stretch of road but today, I managed to capture some scenes which I otherwise would not have noticed.

Morning sky through sepia tinted visor 
The same sky through different 'eyes'
Through my new visor,  my surrounds has a safari feel to it, in sepia. In fact, it felt like a long stroll in the setting sun and made the walk much cooler than it actually is. Indeed, all it is not what it seems through a tinted visor.

Golf course it is not. At the grass patch near some HDB flats.
Grass cutters out in full force
'No tresspassing trespassers will be prosecuted'. What ??
The old and the new live side by side along Bkt Timah
This house has everything in superlatives, from the ultra big house number to the 100m odd driveway.
Up close to the up and coming King Albert Station

I rewarded myself for completing a 7.5km walk  by buying a $1.00 demitasse cup  at Totts. Ever the housewife, I lugged a bag of potato and some grains from Bukit Timah Plaza NTUC Finest as well. Had it not been for the weight of my loot, I would have walked all the way back!

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