Monday, April 14, 2014

15 minute summit hike at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

I have been tasked with organizing a walk on Labor Day and I wanted to understand the parking situation at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve where our walk would most likely commence.  To kill 2 birds with one stone, I used the time to recee the Green Corridor and did a little hike up the hill.

It being a working day, the crushing crowd is nowhere to be seen.  Even so, the car park is 80% full and I took one of the coveted lot near the park entrance.

Parking is full, even on a weekday
It took a little more than 15 minutes in my present state to reach the top of the hill. The immediate section near the ranger was the most challenging to me. The walk was tricky because overnight rain has made the steep leaf-littered slope somewhat slippery.

Not quite there yet
You will never walk alone, esp on the main track
Resting station 
Sun dappled track
The jungle was very humid and I was totally soaked in sweat. Folks decades older passed me by completely absorbed in their mission to reach the summit.

Light dappled track makes sifting patterns as the canopy  of trees move in tandam with the breeze. I even spied a baby squirrel foraging clumsily on a low branch.

Are we there yet?
  I never cease being amazed at these trees
Our previous nature reserve

Several paths branched out from the  main walk. I checked out the trail nearest the summit which comprised mostly of steps borne out of the roots of trees. I had misgivings doing this by myself and  chickened out 5 minutes after entering the unfamiliar trail. I backtracked to rejoin the main road which lead me to the summit in no time.
Secret Garden?
Jungle fall path- roots for stairs
Been there, done that
Going down was a no brainer though some care was needed as I fought to prevent myself from going too fast down the hill. I still cannot understand why some folks would risk  their lives walking down the hill , trekked in slippers, high heels or go barefoot .

Forest bath means walking in the forest and soaking wet in perspiration
Sun drenched canopy
Road leading to the park offers parking for public holidays

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