Sunday, October 31, 2010

Walkabout 30/10/2010 deepavali at Little India

The beginning of Little India at Serangoon.Deepavali is one week away.
I have slightly less than 2 hours to burn this afternoon and this time was meaningful spent at the Deepavali fare at Little India.

 Jewel boxes
From Dhoby Ghaut, it was an easy one stop train ride to Little India. 5 minutes later, from exit C of the station, purpose bound, P and I zoomed towards the main thoroughfare - Tekka market and the fare grounds opposite it, in search of excitement.

Elephant good luck charms for Indians
The shopping spirit almost overcame me and I summoned every ounce of self restraint to tear myself away from the trinkets  stores just mere steps from the MRT exit. Muruku sold for the festival reminded me that I have yet to take my tea break for the day.

I checked out the gold at the well patronized gold smith shops and couldn't help but winced at the hefty price of the yellow mineral. At more than SGD 65 per gram, I wonder how many Indian families can afford the gold dowry for their daughters.

More decorative stuff for the home
While I agonized over the price of gold, P recorded Serangoon Road on film. Satisfied, we made our way to Tekka mall, now called the Verge. Whatever it is called now, the mall still operates at half strength with human traffic skirting around the building.

Bells to ward off bad luck ?
Some uninspiring coffee at the Banquet food court later, it is time to check out the fare grounds. Hastings road has been totally transformed into a compact tented market throbbing with music and brimming with merchandise. The transactions of shops from both sides of the lane spilled onto makeshift stalls set up under the tent. Giddying amounts of trinkets, festive lights, ceremonial pots, snacks and incense dazzled before us. I was ready to jive with the drum beats from speakers hanging overhead. In sensory frenzy, I commanded P to take pictures here, here, there and everywhere, worried that this moment of pleasure will soon be washed away by the impending clouds looming beyond the tents.

Peacocks in the air
Tenacity helped me checked out prices of so many merchandise, from lockets, pashima scarves to cookies, a feat when all Indian communities has descended upon this 50 meters of space. I ended up with 4 packs of crispy snacks, 3 more than originally intended, 1 garland of flowers with another garland free ( Indians love me ! ) and some sundry from a provision shop, as we emerged soaked in incense and sweat.

The flower stall where I got my garland
A mini cultural exchange happened at the flower stall as an Indian lady gave me a mini lesson on the types of flowers used for offerings. For that moment, I felt totally Singaporean, sisterhood bounded by a common language and that little space we shared. It was awesome !

All flowers here come from India !
Of course, the trip could have been even more productive if there was more time, but at the rate I was going, I wasn't doing too bad either. The next time I come again, I am going to make sure I have a bigger bag and more cash - any rational Singapore girl would need it!

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  1. wow... so much stuff to see, thanks for sharing.. will check it out next time I am in Singapore